wc2009_logo_100pxMonteiro and Rodrigues take different routes to earn the Brazilian World Cup spots

Dragon Bowling Center Norte in Sao Paulo, Brazil – (August 21-23, 2009)

Franz Monteiro and Roberta Rodrigues won the men’s and women’s title in the 18th Brazil Open Cup Qubica AMF – organized by Pin1 Bowling supply en route to earn the Brazilian spots for the 45th QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup in Melaka, Malaysia. However, they took different routes win the titles as Monteiro had to win four games in three matches while Rodrigues needed just one win to seal the victory.
Franz Monteiro

Franz Monteiro

60-year-old Monteiro (picture left) rolled the highest series of all 42 competitors in the third and final six-game block to make the top 5, who advanced to the stepladder finals. He received 9 pins handicap each game and had games of 266, 231, 205, 233, 201 and 166 for 1302 to leap into third place with 4031 pinfall total.

Renan Zoghaib, who participated in the Bowling World Cup in Hermosillo, Mexico last year, led the field with 4118 and was just one win away from his second consecutive BWC participation. Marcelo Suartz, who bowled in 2007 event in St. Petersburg, Russia, was second with 4065.

Marcelo Malheiro took the fourth place with 4024 and Rogério Arkie, world champion in Ninepin Bowling, beat out Rodrigo Macedo for the fifth and final spot by one pin, 3977 to 3976.

In the opening match of the stepladder final, Monteiro eliminated Malheiro and Arkie, then rolled a huge 246 scratch in the semifinal against Suartz, the sole player who received no handicap, to advance to the title match.

Monteiro had to defeat leader Zoghaib, who received 8 pins handicap, twice to win the title. And that was exactly what he did winning 234-230 and 234-220.

On the women’s side, Roberta Rodrigues, led the field with 3993 and an average of 221.83 over 18 games to earn the No. 1 seed for the stepladder finals.

She had to sit and wait until No. 5 seed Marcia Silva had defeated Solange Canelas and Kátia Abrão in the opening match and Méria Lanznaster in the semifinal.

Rodriguez, who received no handicap, had to beat Siva by 47 pins to win as Silva had 46 pins handicap. The No. 1 seed posted a big 236 score to beat Silva (182 +46) by eight pins to wrap up the title.

Both players will represent Brazil in the 45th QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup which will be held at Melaka International Bowling Center in Melaka, Malaysia from Nov. 13 through 20, 2009.

Men’s Final

Championship Round:
1. Franz Monteiro
2. Renan Zoghaib
3. Marcelo Suartz
4. Marcelo Malheiro
5. Rogério Arkie

Playoff Results:
First Match: #3 Monteiro (9) def. #4 Malheiro (28) and #5 Arkie (22), 216-197-190
Semifinal Match: Monteiro (9) def. #2 Suartz (0), 255-225
Championship Match: Monteiro (9) def. #1 Zoghaib (8), 234-230
and in the decisive Match: Monteiro (9) def. #1 Zoghaib (8), 234-220.
* handicap in parenthesis.

Women’s Final

Championship Round:
1. Roberta Rodrigues
2. Marcia Silva
3. Méria Lanznaster
4. Solange Canelas
5. Kátia Abrão

Playoff Results:
First Match: #5 Silva (46) def. #4 Canelas (26) and #3 Abrão, 206-198-196
Semifinal Match: Silva (46) def. #2 Lanznaster (39), 230-213
Championship Match: #1 Rodrigues (0) def. Silva (46), 236-228.
* handicap in parenthesis.

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